#1.) David Zoller plays Duke Ellington. A four day event recorded LIVE on stage at the Texas theater in OAK CLIFF TEXAS..
Four days of rehearsing and recording, and filming for a video of the full event. Also another simultaneous documentary
shot about the MAKING of David Zoller plays Duke Ellington. (Organized/managed by Bart Weiss & Crew /Dallas Film Maker)

#2.) SIMON PETTY Jazz Quartet/quintet recording completed on June 23rd 2020. Produced by Lucas Reader. Simons Christmas album produced in June 2020. At 2nd floor studio…PRODUCED & Mixed by Lucas Reader. Audio/Video engineering Ken Boome. Matt Young – DRUMS /Mike “L” Acoustic Bass/Simon Petty -Concert Grand Piano /Gaka James Vocals-Trombone and Chris Boren – Flugelhorn/Trumpet

#3.) Nigerian Soul/Pop singer “Real Endless Joy” doing a remix of her song “God’s Fortress,” and will combine a “making of VIDEO” shot in the studio, featuring Endless Joy’s reinterpreting her Nigerian Pop original.

#4.) Ken Boome is currently recording remotely a cover of David Foster’s Olympic game theme 1988, and harvesting parts using
Steinberg’s VST remote Pro recording software. Drums/Piano/Synths recorded all at 2nd FLR studio East Dallas, with contributions from Electric Bass player/John Adams— Guitar work/Giampiero Scuderi– and pocket trumpet recorded by Dallas Cowboys trumpet player Freddie Jones & and additional BASS by Oklahoma Bassist Dylan Reid.

#5.) Currently scheduling and producing the gargantuan music library of Dallas pianist composer Ms. Judy Moore.

#6.) Currently scheduling and producing string virtuoso-singer-songwriter Ben Weldy for a fall 2020 release. Two new songs.

#7.) Audio Mixing Completed on XIN NIE New World REMOTE Trio!

#8.) So it turns out this Sunday (6/28/20) I will be on Chick Corea Academy MasterClass Live Stream. I will be live streaming with Chick in real-time probably around 4:20 CST. I will doing this from 2nd Floor A/V Studio.( East Dallas) My Fiber Optic is Gigabit so it’s around 1000/1000 Up & Down. (That’s a great thing for a LiveStream)

* One of the subjects I will be “exploring” with Chick is a shallow/deep dive into his approach and strategy into his 2 to 10 finger technique which he creates wonderful tension/relaxation and melodic/harmonic momentum with.

BTW his Academy tuition is under $30 per month. You get about $2,500 educational value per week from tuning into Chicks broadcasts.( That’s my opinion of course) They are all done at the highest level audio/video and educational content you could ever imagine possible in 2020. I’m excited to be a part of this.
Chick Corea and Production Team is really embracing this streaming technology (Full-Out) and his ability to give back, and explain/demonstrate is just phenomenal!
Thought you all would like to know !

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