Put music, video and editing together and you have a magical combination.

Front-of-the-house mix
Stage-monitor mix
Record your live performance, all at 32-bit
while shooting 4 to 6 camera Hi-Def video.

Here's how we rate on all three areas of our core competency:



Let us add caricatures, animation and cartooning to your presentation:

The Process

In order to help you grow your business, you can trust our years of performing and marketing expertise. The process is easy and surprisingly inexpensive.

Step 1
Every performer knows that music is an extremely competitive business. There are hundreds of talented players, singers and bands out there competing for what can seem like a limited number of gigs. And the truth is potential clients want to know exactly what you sound and look like while performing live.
Step 2
DallasVideoMarketer.com and 2nd Floor Studio Audio and Visual now offer mobile recording services that can produce eye-popping internet video content that can help you get the next big gig. We come to your location to record your live concert, gig, rehearsal or other special event at 32bit floating point while simultaneously capturing HD video of your event.
Step 3
We then mix your audio, edit the video footage in FINAL Cut Pro “X,” at our modern four-room facility in East Dallas (2nd Floor) and sync the (32 bit) two-track audio to your video and have it on your desk in just three to five days.

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Your stunning live 32-bit, two-track audio and four to six multi-camera, high-definition edited video shoot can be produced as a DVD/CD or digital download capturing you at your best. It will be ready for your Website, YouTube, FaceBook, or Vimeo.

12.5-foot ceilings
Hardwood floors
Three pianos
Three tunable paneled rooms
Drum booth



Concert Grand, Electric, and Mini-Portable

Three pianos, including a Yamaha C7 Concert Grand, give you ultimate flexibility according to your perference.



    for Live, In-Studio performance

    A State-of-the-Art electrically-triggered drum set with live cymbals, killer toms, kick and hundreds of snares.



      Audio recording, Video editing, Special Effects

      Our advanced equipment includes QSC wireless mix control, QSC K-Series speakers and Touchmix mixer, all with 24-bit clarity.

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